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Extract from our customer index

Multiformat Viewer eDocView for embedding in the IT process rvDialog® at the DRV Bund

Integration into any existing DMS or ECM system is possible.
Integration into any existing DMS or ECM system is possible.

The german pension fund (Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV) Bund, formerly BfA) has already begun implementing the system for the storage and display of electronic files. The main reasons were:

  • Acceleration of the processing times of an insured event.
  • Cost savings for storing the paper files.

The system for electronic file processing, developed by DRV Bund, was integrated into the dialogue rvDialog®, which is responsible for processing. With the step-by-step transition to a paperless processing of files resulting from the introduction of the dialogue, the task was to provide electronic documents with a multiformat viewer. Within the IT activities of the DRV-Bund, a very simple and secure solution for viewing and processing (redlining) of different document formats was sought.

For the selection of the viewer the following criteria was defined:

  • The solution should be able to be integrated into the existing rvDialog® system.
  • The viewer should be able to view different sources of documents in the same way (scanned paper documents, office documents, medical records, etc.).
  • Programmatically, the viewer should be able to be integrated into the rvDialog® system with the same user interface for all possible file formats. Thus the processing department had to know only one user interface and its operation for the different file formats.
  • The viewing component should leave the step open from a fat client application to a server-based Java application.
  • Viewing component features should be made available to the developers through an API so that the viewer could be integrated using a user-defined interface.
  • The viewer should meet the legal requirements for the display of pension documents (https, electronic signature, etc.).

Within a Europe-wide announcement, Research Engineers REI GmbH & Co. KG was awarded to develop and supply a corresponding viewing and redlining solution, which is to be used for more than 20,000 users within the DRV Bund. The JAVA Viewing and Redlining Tool eDocView, already installed in many DMS & ECM systems, was used as the basis for this development.

However, for the integration into the existing rvDialog® system, eDocView could not be used in its original form as a pure JAVA applet, but had to be provided encapsulated as a JAVA Bean in an ActiveX interface. This design allows the direct use of eDocView as an ActiveX component in rvDialog and it is possible yet, to use it as a local Java application (as a Java Bean) as well as a real server-based thin application.

In summary, the integration of eDocView in rvDialog® brought the following results:

  • The eDocView API and architecture provided a simple integration according to the requirements of the rvDialog® system and ensures openness for future expansion stages.
  • The eDocView Viewer component supports the rvDialog® system in a uniform way by displaying various types of data and accelerates the processing of the documents.