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Extensive features for markups and annotations in eDocView.

Extensive Features for Markups and Annotations

With eDocView users have the possibility to provide text-based and graphical markups and annotations on the document in a simple and intuitive way. All information about the author (user), date and time will be retained.

By default, eDocView offers the following text-based annotations …

… and the following graphical annotations.

All markups and annotations can be applied in the same way to all supported raster, PDF and office formats. In this way, the employees of your company can intuitively edit all existing document types with different types of annotations. We would like to meet the individual requirements and the needs of your company. In this way, user-defined stamps can be implemented easily and with a reasonable effort, which simplifies your workflows.

Markups and annotations in eDocView at a glance

Screenshots of the Markups and Annotations