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Customize and Configure eDocView

Customize and Configure eDocView

With eDocView, you have a software solution that you can customize and configure to the requirements and needs of your company. In this way you get your own viewer for your company. The Java-based multiformat viewer eDocView has a customizable user interface and can be easily integrated into any existing DMS or ECM system due to its extensive API.

A multifunction toolbar guides the user intuitively through the necessary work processes and is very user-friendly. All symbols and labels as well as the entire arrangement and grouping of the available functions can be adapted to the individual needs and requirements or to the respective user rights.

We would like to help you in all your challenges with our know-how and work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs and requirements. In addition to all existing functions and settings, we offer you individual adjustments with our team. With little effort and in a short time, we can implement special requirements for you.

The Adaptability of eDocView at a glance

  • User-friendly multifunction toolbar, which makes intuitive work processes possible.
  • Design buttons with own symbols, labels and key combinations and adjust their arrangement and grouping.
  • Application of different user rights through individual multifunction toolbars.
  • All configuration parameters are in XML format and can be easily read and modified as required.
  • With its extensive API eDocView is extremely adaptable and can be easily integrated into any existing DMS or ECM system.
  • Beyond the many functions and settings, special requirements can be implemented in a short time and with little effort.

Screenshots of how to customize and configure eDocView