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View and Print with eDocView.

View and Print with eDocView

Open, view and print a lot of documents, such as raster, PDF or office formats, with just one product and no resort to the original software – with eDocView!

Throughout the work process, the integrity of your documents is preserved, because all comments, stamps and annotations are stored in a separate file. eDocView offers a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) so that multiple documents in different formats can be displayed in a single instance of the Java-based viewer. A tabbed system (like in an internet browser) makes it easy to switch between open documents. The document identification of eDocView prevents the document from being opened several times. Instead, eDocView switches to the document-tab where it was already opened.

In this single instance of eDocView you can print individual documents or all open documents simultaneously with or without annotations. All standard print options are available for you.

Furthermore, eDocView makes it possible to search for text within vector PDF documents as well as all office document formats. For raster documents you need to run an optical character recognition before. The user has several additional options such as “Ignore case”, “Ignore diacritical characters”, “Ignore blanks” and “Pattern matching (regular expressions)”. In this way, the user is provided with a comprehensive search, which is possible for different document formats.

View and Print in eDocView at a glance

Screenshots of the viewing- and print-functions